About us


We have established ADCONS Ltd in 2009, following our strong desire to develop ourselves and based on a healthy economy that determined us to establish activities oriented towards services and production.

Thus, the department of general mechanics and mechanical cutting, in brief, ADCONS machinery is born.

Our company goes through a remarkable growth and diversification of business, which makes that in 2013 the new headquarter in Dumbrăviţa becomes operational, located near Timişoara beltway and the A1 motorway.

Our activity continues to grow, the number of contracts and new beneficiaries increase, export production expands.

In an area of 600 square meters, with a staff of 30 people, with a fleet of 15 high-performance equipment and latest technologies allows us to be flexible and manufacture sole products in small and medium series. ADCONS has all the ingredients necessary to achieve optimal products and services.


Our values

Our mission
ADCONS will act as a successful organisation, running projects in Technical and Automotive industry followed by specific benefits; it will establish lasting business and also work relations to enable it to act as a team.