Customers recommend us

Some of our customers’ appreciations:


  • ‘We have been working with ADCONS for over 12 years, communication between us is very good and real-time solutions are available. The response to the quote comes in up to 24 hours, and when emergencies occured, the availability was always to the maximum, the delivery time being very good. Delays are occasional, short and do not affect our production process.’

Emilia Rogoz, Buyer, Zoppas Industries


  • A very good ‘quality certificate’ can be that of approx. 7 years since we have installed the steering sewing workstations (the new method), they did not need any repairs, except of course the wear parts.

Octavian Popescu, Maintenance Engineer, ZF


  • In collaboration with ADCONS, we have always found solutions and support to solve our orders in the best possible technical and time conditions. The parts were in the indicated specifications, the response time was quick, particularly in emergency.

Cristian Dumitrescu, Method Engineer SP, Valeo Lighting Injection


  • We have a particularly good collaboration. I have seen promptitude, professionalism, exemplary reactivity in emergency situations. Also great help with suggestions for better technical solutions and execution materials chosen in accordance with our applications.

Adrian Dinca, Spare Parts Procurement Engineer, MGI Coutier


  • I appreciate the overall performance of ADCONS, both from the perspective of technical and technological, human and machinery, starting from the activity and machinery of the design department, execution and ending with the delivery of services and products, as well as the presentation of the workshops, the technological machinery, the respect and the approval of the European quality standards, as ‘excellent’.

Octavian Popescu, Maintenance Engineer, ZF TRW


  • Our collaboration with ADCOND began in 2014. The quotes were received in a very short time, and the deadline for completing the required parts was according to our requirements, including urgent requests. For the items delivered by Adcons we did not receive complaints of non-compliance from our colleagues who use these items. We recommend Adcons as a trusted provider.

Adrian Ples, Buyer, LEONI Wiring Systems ARAD


  • Me and my teammates are pleased with Adcons services. The quote was received quite quickly. The price required for execution was acceptable and the products made by you meet our requirements. The execution time and the quality of the pieces have been respected. We will surely call on Adcons in the future.

Denis Muntean, Quality Manager in Project, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Continental Automotive Romania SRL


  • Our collaboration with ADCONS is among the best in all respects (reaction time, quality, promptitude).

Serbanel Raul, Toolshop Manager, Valeo Lighting Injection