Easy safe arm
August 20, 2020

DID YOU KNOW… … that dirty hands transmit approximately 80% of germs? … door […]

Easy safe foot


… Dirty hands transmit approximately 80% of germs.

… Door handles are some of the dirtiest things that you touch.

… Germ transfer can be limited by opening doors in a new way.


There is a more hygienic way to open intense traffic doors!


We used all our creativity in order to find methods which achieve the best results and which can protect all of us.


EasySafe is a feasible solution for offices, shops,school s, public institutions etc. Any door that is touched by hundreds or thousands of hands can become safer for everyone with the help of the EasySafe Foot device.


EasySafe Foot is suitable for any door that has no handle.

In order to avoid hand-touching, the door can be opened with the foot, by pulling or pushing the EasySafe Foot device. This way, the hands will remain cleaner for a longer time.


EasySafe Foot:
• Secure and efficient
• Easy to install
• Easy to clean
• Easy to use
• Made of stainless steel
• Compatibile with most door types