How we work



How it is working with us:
– We establish from the beginning how we collaborate and we respect the set rules and conditions.
You will be in the CC of each email between us and the end recipient or just the emails you want.


All the price offers reach you.

We support end-buyer (colleagues who need the product) to better understand their demands. We discuss the projects together to get the best result. We are not just waiting for an order.

– We plan and measure three times before executing.

– Our rate of delays, errors or any other events that lead to delivery delay is less than 4%. We can make mistakes.

– We offer 100% GUARANTEE for all products we deliver.

When an emergency occurs, we do not disappoint you. Whether it is an audit or a defective piece. We also know what an emergency is. When you feel like throwing with something at the supplier, when he tells you he cannot help you that fast. We do our best to deliver in time when an emergency occurs and for that, we work in two shifts.


How fast are we responding to the requests for quote?

The final price is transmitted within 24 hours of approval of the technical design and details.


If you want long-lasting, transparent, trust-based collaboration, then you must know that we like these partnership relationships.

We do not rest on our laurels or look the other way when something does not work.


We offer all of our experience for over ten years, and we do our job properly, so that at the end of each order everybody is happy. Let the English say “A win-win situation”.

We invite you for a visit in our factory where you can see where and how we work.

You are always welcomed!