Industrial automation

ADCONS is a supplier of products and solutions for industrial machinery and automation.

From structures with panels, protected enclosures and partitions, enclosure access, transport systems – conveyors, control and working tables, to production benches and adjustable variants, workstations; ADCONS can provide a wide range of solutions on request.


Skills and expertise in automation:

– automatic testing devices
– industrial automation (transport, handling, processing)
– automatic control systems (design, simulation, implementation – tools Matlab-Simulink, LabVIEW)
– embedded systems
– managing mobile robots


ADCONS develops projects for pressing and cutting/stripping and testing stations with automated operations and detections:

Pressing station and cutting/stripping station and testing:

Station 1: Automatic screwing, pressing, greasing
Station 2: Cutting/stripping conduit, pressing, final testing

Pressing station, crimping machinery and cutting/stripping station:

Station 3: Pin-pressing, greasing
Station 4: Crimping
Station 5: Cutting/stripping

Modifying the machinery for clipping the headlamps to check correct clipping


Products developed through collaboration and promoted by ADCONS:

Astrolux – programmable clock for public lighting

Cut-Off testing – machinery for identification and measurement of headlamps

Automotive Light Test Device – Headlamps Testing System.



Pressing stations
Cutting/stripping stations
Testing stations
Structures with panels
Protected enclosures and partitions
Enclosure access
Transport systems – conveyors
Control and working tables
Production benches and adjustable variants.